• Scents the Moment - Life's Moments, Perfectly Scented

"Butter Me Up body butter is whipped perfection!" - Leaping Bunny Program

Handcrafted & Natural

Sexy this powerful can only come from true artisans and Mother Earth.
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Cruelty-Free & Vegan

The only animals used in our business are our unionized unicorns who do delivery.
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Charitable Purchase

Feel good inside and out knowing your purchases support Twenty Paws Animal Rescue.
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Featured Moments

Natural, cruelty-free, and purely bodacious

Bath Moments

Too busy for a trip to the beach? Just give us a bath moment to feel clean, refreshed, rejuvenated,and reminiscent of the perfect beach day.

Body Moments

Whether you're scrubbing, spritzing, or moisturizing, you're taking a moment to kick-back, refresh your skin, and bask in the aroma of sweet summer.

Candle Moments

Hosting a slamming party, reading a book, or simply to relax, our candles will fill your atmosphere with the fragrance of your greatest vacation moment.

Our Vision

Let's get real, the best moments in life include coffee, beaches, puppies, and vacations paid with miles.

We want you to light a candle, close your eyes, breathe in the salt, jasmine, and gardenia of the ocean. We want you to step into your shower, filled with the fragrance of lavender and lemongrass, like a bright, fresh sunrise the first morning of summer break.

We want you to cherish those relaxing, vacation moments through scent, knowing you are contributing to a world who protects and honors nature, Earth, and animals.

We believe in sustainable, cruelty-free, and ethical sourcing of materials. We believe true artisan crafting of beautiful products is when nature meets science. We believe we have a responsibility to rescue animals.

Every Moment has a Scent, Every Scent has a Memory: Capture Yours.