How We Began: Our Story

June 11, 2016

Frank and I were married in February 2015, and two driving passions we share are animals and handmade items. We always crafted together; candles, body care, bath products, and we would often gift these items to friends and family.

Finally, once we settled into our tiny apartment, we decided to take the plunge and turn our love of crafts into a business. We were exhausted. We both work full time; I am a high-school teacher, and my husband works in mutual funds. Any free minute we had, we were studying rules about GMPs, labeling, creating formulas, learning computer code. We hardly ever sleep.

We are especially passionate about rescuing dogs, and dispelling the pit-bull stereotype. We researched our distributors and manufacturers until we could become both PETA and Leaping Bunny certified. Everyone we knew told us to quit – we had too much on our plates, we were too committed, but that only drove us further. We received our cruelty-free accreditation, and partnered up with Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue so that a portion of every sale we make is donated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals.

We not only made it work, but we found people who were passionate about animals and natural body care, to organically become our biggest advocates. We found love and compassion in a sea of doubt. We continue to strive and transcend as we both still work full time and run our business full time, but we know that each push further is saving another life, and is educating the world about empathy for nature. We have defined success through passion and activism.

This story was featured in the May 2016 issue of Handmade Seller Magazine

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