Customer Service

January 03, 2016

We completely understand that we are nothing without the loyalty of our customers; we cherish this relationship above all else with regards to our company.  Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have made a Customer-Service-Code-of-Honor that we promise to uphold.

When you contact Candle Moments for any reason, here is what we promise:

  1. Patience. We believe it’s extraordinarily important to take our time answering any and all of your questions, and addressing all of your concerns. Especially as a small business, we believe quality service beats fast service in every circumstance.
  2. Attentiveness. We are listening! Whether you’re writing us a direct email, giving us a call, liking and commenting on our Facebook page, giving us awesome hearts on Instagram, we are listening! We are always paying attention to what you need and want.
  3. Return policy. We offer a 14 day return policy. We believe in our products and stand by their quality, but we understand that sometimes things don’t work out. We understand that building trust includes giving you the confidence to return.
  4. Product knowledge. We personally hand-craft everything we sell (except for our candle snuffers), so we know exactly what goes into each product. We study, test (never on animals), and only choose the absolute highest quality ingredients on the market. We provide as much information as we possibly can our our website to guide you through every aspect of our business, include a FAQ, a candle care guide, and clearly listed ingredients. If you have questions, we are transparent and will happily answer anything you want to know about our products.
  5. Feedback. Because trust is only built on honesty and transparency, we always follow-up with our customers asking for feedback. You can find reviews of our company on Facebook, on our Testimonials page, and directly on our product pages.
  6. Friendly and Courteous. Absolutely everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect!

We would love to hear more about your expectations for quality customer service. What makes a company extraordinary over ordinary?

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