Candlelit Romance

October 21, 2015

Candles are nothing short of romantic. Whether you’re giving the perfect Candle Moment as a gift, with just the right saying, or customizing it with his/her perfect scent; candles last so much longer than flowers.

Though we may be months away from Valentine’s Day, gift-giving is in the air for this holiday season, and who do people shop the most for? Of course, their spouses and lovers…well, kids probably come first, but you get the picture. I invite you to indulge your mate with one of the most unique and romantic gifts you can offer, a Lotion and Massage Candle, but before you get lost in the shea butter, I want to whisk you away to my love story.

A poem by Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo

The One. The first one. The one who was exciting. The one who left me for Europe.

Two was a nice guy. Nice guys finish last.

Three was a high school crush. Never revert to high school.

Four was after four glasses of wine.

Five, a military man, flew to Iraq then married a heroin addict.

I thought Six was Adonis. Six was Narcissus.

Lucky Seven. Seven was kind, nurturing, comfortable. Comfortable is boring.

Eight was One realizing I was the one.

I left One for Seven. After six years, I married Seven. Lucky number Seven.

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