Unique Gifts to Get Your Valentine (In Your 30s, 40s, and 50s)

February 09, 2016

Has anyone else noticed the pop-up florists showing up everywhere? Suddenly every corner has a floral expert, willing to share his/her expertise for $160 a dozen. I love flowers just as much as the next person, but I would freak if I knew my husband spent that kind of dough on something that will die in a few days (sorry to be morbid, Rosie). I also love chocolate, but the willpower to eat “just one” is far too much to bear.

I am clearly annoying to buy gifts for, but I know I am not the only one. In fact, I am speaking about people (women, in particular) who are just like me:  We’re logical, ambitious, busy, love luxury, smart with money, educated (whether by self-determination or schooling), multi-taskers. We can respond to work emails while cooking dinner, while simultaneously paying our bills and scheduling an appointment. We’ll spend a little extra cash on a good cause, we care about the environment, we know the value of reading ingredients, we love and cherish our me time. We are Generation X: Women in our 30s, 40s, and 50s, and here are amazing gifts we’ll adore and appreciate.

  1. Amazon Kindle Light  – $59.99

If she doesn’t already have an e-reader, the Kindle Light is ideal because it doesn’t have all the bells-and-whistles of the Kindle Fire. We don’t need that because we already have smartphones. We want something easy to carry onto the bus, train, or plane, and something easy to curl up to. We just want to read.


2. Magazine Subscription

We value the little bit of time we do make for ourselves, and while we do enjoy the e-reader, there is something satisfying about holding a magazine in our hands and flipping through the pages. Even if we toss it by our bed stand, or read it in the bath, we love tangible magazines.


3. Bath Bombs/Bath Fizzies2016-02-08 09.43.49 HDR_burned

We absolutely cherish our “me” time; whenever we do get 20 minutes to ourselves, so a delicious collection of bath bombs/bath fizzies are a wonderful way to say “hey, girl, you deserve a nice soak.” We’ll be offering these in our store as soon as it re-opens, but you could be daring and even make your own. I’ve included a recipe.

4. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera – $99.99

This is one of the coolest re-vamped retro items on the market. We love the idea of going back-in-time to Polaroid pictures, but with all of the advanced features of a digital camera. A super-fun, frivolous gift we’ll completely appreciate.


5. Alex and Ani Bracelet – $28

We love these bracelets because of the ability to personalize to our true nature, because the company is all about giving-back, because they’re fashionable, match everything, and demonstrate thought as you choose the perfect style.


6. Essential Oil Diffuser – $43.99

Something we always want, but can’t justify buying ourselves is an essential oil diffuser. This gift tells us we deserve to relax and have a spa-day even while we’re busy doing a million other things.



7. Cards Against Humanity – $25

Though seemingly without class or dignity, Cards Against Humanity is raw, unadulterated fun. It’s a game that allows us to be our worst selves, but with other people, thus making it a guilty joy. Plus, it gives us an excuse to have friends over – because misery loves company, right?


8. Netflix Subscription

We love the opportunity to watch all of our favorite shows and seasons without the commercials, on our own time. At our age, a good night is snuggling up with “Netflix and Chill,” but seriously, just actually chilling and watching Netflix.



There is still time to grab a gift which thinks outside-of-the-box; one we’ll truly appreciate and enjoy. Feel free to comment with other ideas or suggestions!

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