Perfect Little Moments- The Happy List

August 01, 2016 1 Comment

Perfect Little Moments The Happy List

Today, August 1, 2016, we celebrate one year of being in business! I am truly proud and incredibly grateful for all of the love and support shown by our friends, family, and of course, our beloved customers. We would have never made it without you!

As a tribute to our original vision of embodying the best moments in life through scent, I have decided to make a list of exactly those little moments in life that sometimes go unappreciated, but when we stop to think about it, they are everything. When I think about it, this idea was actually born about fifteen years ago when I began college. My best friends, Pam, Diane, and I would write a list called “The Happy List” which mentioned these precise little moments. We would make a new one for each year. Writing this blog post has sparked me to search through my old scrapbooks and find the lists, and rereading it, I can truly remember and feel that joy all over again.

I invite you to take a trip down little-joy lane with me, as well as share your own favorite little moments by commenting. In no particular order, these are the most perfect, little, under-appreciated moments of life:

  1. Coming home from work and throwing on sweatpants.
  2. Finding money in your laundry.
  3. Throwing snowballs.
  4. Over-worn and beat-up college hoodies.
  5. Getting phone calls from people you actually want to talk to.
  6. Finding a meter with time still available.
  7. Receiving a handwritten note.
  8. Fresh, warm, cuddly blankets.
  9. Plans getting canceled when you didn’t want to go.
  10. Getting dressed up.
  11. Dress down day at work.
  12. A sink free of dishes.
  13. John Snow really being a Targaryen.
  14. Daenerys’ dragons!
  15. Your favorite song on the radio.
  16. Free wi-fi.
  17. Putting the staple in your paper when you’ve finished writing.
  18. Finding the missing sock.
  19. Hot cocoa with real marshmallows.
  20. Apple picking.
  21. Babies laughing.
  22. Puppies playing.
  23. Baby and puppy videos on YouTube.
  24. Leaves changing in the fall.
  25. The last day of school.
  26. Acing an exam or work review.
  27. The quiet.
  28. Pizza.
  29. Spending time with your family.
  30. Making something from scratch.
  31. Taking yourself for a spa day.
  32. Flowers on a random Wednesday.
  33. Making someone laugh.
  34. Being ahead on your bills.
  35. Teaching someone how to do something.
  36. Unclogged drains.
  37. Summer sun showers.
  38. Rainbows.
  39. A dinner party with no cell phones.
  40. The smell of fresh Christmas trees.
  41. Kids at Christmas time.
  42. Going to the movies in the middle of the day.
  43. The feeling after a workout you really didn’t want to do.
  44. Taking “Which Harry Potter house are you?” quizzes online.
  45. Not needing the air conditioner or the heater.
  46. A full tank of gas.
  47. Strangely spelled words (colonel, knife, hor d’oeuvres)
  48. Fireplaces.
  49. Putting your legs up on the couch.
  50. The smell of old books.
  51. Hearing and saying the words “I love you.”
  52. Hot soup in the winter.
  53. Having coffee with an old friend.
  54. The sound of waves crashing.
  55. The smell of the beach.
  56. Watching animals in the wild.
  57. Early morning walks.
  58. Beating the hardest level.
  59. Shopping online.
  60. Remembering to wear sunscreen.
  61. Board games.
  62. Fresh cut grass between your toes.
  63. Warm, clean sand.
  64. Figuring out the mystery before it’s revealed.
  65. Bubble baths.
  66. Glitter.
  67. Watching bees pollinate flowers.
  68. 5:00 Happy Hour!
  69. Having a good hair day.
  70. Beautiful shoes that are also comfortable.
  71. Watching a favorite childhood movie.
  72. Chocolate anything.
  73. Getting a full, uninterrupted night of sleep.
  74. Hitting no traffic.
  75. Going to bed in fresh sheets.
  76. Waking up just before your alarm clock.
  77. A bar of beautiful handmade soap.
  78. Summertime barbecues.
  79. Making a new friend.
  80. Dancing.


Celebrate Bath, Body, and Candle Moments Birthday

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Claire T Weinberg
Claire T Weinberg

August 01, 2016

Congratulations! And yesterday I found money in my raincoat pocket, loved your happy list.

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