We are loving the bath and body care products from Bath, Body, and Candle Moments. Their salt scrub smells amazing and exfoliates and moisturizes without leaving a slippery residue, and their Butter Me Up body butter, well they totally nailed it. It is whipped perfection that literally melts into your skin and absorbs super fast but keeps your skin feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. Leaping Bunny Program
Completely happy is the right way to put it. My items were delivered quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I love what you have going and I am a customer. I will be back! Diane N.
So my burly husband has a beard that is the envy of any pirate. But I must admit, it's hard to snuggle up to that wire face-mane when it leaves you're oh-so-sensitive pregnant skin red and raw. So, I reached out to my friends at Bath, Body, and Candle Moments, and they suggested an essential oil perfume for him to use after he grooms his beard, and it has gotten so much softer! Perfect for snuggle time :)Stephanie A.
Even my little girls are obsessed with these scrubs for winter time.Noelle S.
Oh my goodness! I just received the candle gifts I ordered and they are so adorable and smell so good, I don't want to give them away. Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much!Tracy Z.
Really enjoying both scents. Clean burn and fun expressions with each candle!Roberta P.
I am currently using and loving Bath, Body, and Candle Moments' scrubs. For anyone who is on the lookout for a great exfoliator, this product is a game changer. From my own experience, I often find that I love to "scrub," but then wind up too dry from using exfoliating products. Their scrubs absolutely eliminate this issue. The oils that emulsify the scrub are super hydrating and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I concentrate on my elbows and knees and actually haven't needed to use my usual moisturizer after the shower on days when I use the scrub (which is actually close to every day).
I also use the scrub on my hands each night, and then apply a thick layer of body butter before bed. I'm a teacher and chalk dries out my hands badly, so these products have helped me to get my hands soft to the touch once again. They will definitely be my go-to products as the cold winter months approach.Annalisa S.
I got my candles yesterday. Thank you. One smells more delicious than the next. Good luck with everything.Katie S.
Good afternoon. I received my order yesterday and it sure smelled wonderful! Can’t wait to start burning those candles. Thank you very much for the little gifts included with my delivery – that was much appreciated. My Mom, who was the one who saw the article about Candle Moments in the Advance this past Sunday, will be going back to Florida for the winter in a few days, but she will be ordering some candles, etc. for her friends down in Florida. She wants to give them something “from Staten Island.” I’m sure I will be reordering! Thanks again. Susan R.
I received my candles today- everything was perfect. The packaging, delivery, product. Katie loved all her candles. Thank you for the special future discounts and body scrub samples. I will spread the word.Diane S.
Your candles are awesome.Phyllis D.
Yesterday I lit my new pina colada candle for the first time, it smelled amazing!. What’s even better is that today when I came home from work my house still smelled like a pina colada! Thank you for making a great product! Stephanie P.
I purchased the vanilla candle today at Zoktober Fest at Zion Lutheran. I was a little reluctant being that I usually buy other brands. Well, I have been blown away and have turned into a Candle Moments person!! The candle is burning in the front of my house and I smell the candle all the way in the back of my house. 3 people have commented on how AMAZING my house smells. Will MOST definitely be back to purchase more for my home and as presents. Can’t get over how strong they smell no hesitating on whether I smell a candle or not. Very pleased with my purchase wish I would have bought more.Gee Ess
The candle smell delicious!! Thanks for the extra gift, I love that, as well.Angie S.
[About the Road Rage Candle] This candle is good enough to drink! This is for the coffee drinkers out there as it excites the senses. Sweet smelling it is sure to please others. This is one of my favorite candles!Jackie B.
Today I finally lit my candle that my sister and brother made me for my wedding. I am completely obsessed with fall and pumpkins so they made me a combination pumpkin/Apple candle! This candle smells so delicious right now I am ready for pumpkin everything!!! Thanks Candle Moments for making me my favorite fall scent!! Dorothy P.
My electricity went out the other night due to a tree falling on wires because of strong winds. Boy did my Summer Break scented candles come in handy.Rachelle M.
I totally love the fresh smell of “The Summer Break” candle ! …. It smells deliciously fresh …..My new favorite ….. Love them all …!Mary F.